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Friday, February 24, 2006


Birthday party: details

From Mary Lee's friend Laura: "We’ll group in the lounge and visit ML in small groups. She has requested a certain cake, which I’m making, and I think we could use a couple of bottles of champagne. I’ll bring glasses, plates, forks, etc."

So when you enter the Inpatient Palliative Care unit (4th floor, Queen Wing, St. Michael's Hospital), turn left and walk down the corridor most of the way until you reach the lounge, which will be on your left and has a piano just inside the door.

Again, this will be on Mary Lee's actual birthday, Tue. Feb. 28 (i.e. the Tuesday coming up), from 5 to 7.

I'll bring some bubbly, both alcoholic and not. (I don't know what the rules are about alcohol so that part may not be usable.)

Please keep in mind that we'll need to keep it quiet. Also, a general reminder: whenever you enter the hospital be sure to use the antibacterial hand-washing stuff available just inside the entrance.

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