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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Service of Remembrance, and interment

From Rohan:

Mary Lee has now been laid to rest at Riverside Cemetery in Toronto, with her parents.

Seeing the earth shovelled over the urn was hard for me. I guess her absence really is permanent.

There was a very nice service before that, with a full room of around 90 people (my estimate). For those of you who weren’t there:  in addition to Rev. Linda Petrides of Wesley Mimico United Church, Mary Lee’s brother Doug Coombs spoke, as well as David Platt, Sylvia Furlong, Rohan Jayasekera, Craig Lindsay, Bob Bernecky, Avrum Fenson, Martin Levin and Ranney Hintsa (please point out anyone I’ve missed).  Don Francks, who happens to be a professional actor and musician, spoke as well (in a rich voice much like Charlton Heston’s) and then sang “The Rainbow Song” and “The Rainbow Connection” (thanks to Debbie Lindsay, Julia Wooster and Peter Henderson for identifying the songs for me).

To those who spoke:  I was very impressed with the quality of what was said. Most people spoke from written text, which I’d like to post here if you’re willing to send me a copy (I’ll post mine shortly, so you won’t be alone). And yes I can try to read your handwriting:  fax the sheets to me at 866-274-4082 (toll free).

Thanks to all who were there. I know that Mary Lee’s family really appreciated it.

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