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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Five years

It's been five years since Mary Lee's passing.  I still think of her often and miss her.  And tomorrow it will be difficult to be back at the same Hogle Funeral Home in Mimico (my wife's grandmother having just passed away at the age of 101).  If anyone out there feels like sharing any thoughts, publicly or privately, please email me at 1@sympatico.ca.

Rohan Jayasekera

Hi Rohan,

I too think of Mary Lee and miss her. I will always regret that I lost touch with her after I had my children and then only saw her at the very end. She was a very special person and I really enjoyed talking to her and spending time with her. She was a part of my life that is very precious to me and I fear that time of my life is over. She was the first adult friend I had that died and it deeply affected me. 5 years have passed so quickly since she died and but nothing would be more enjoyable than seeing her again, sitting down and sharing a laugh over a glass of wine. (and I'm sure she would be wearing something fabulous!)

Take care, Karen
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